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MY FAVORITE COMFY CHAIR.This is the title track for this spoken word audio album which was based on a previously published picture album that appeared in written word form only on my Facebook writers page called PRIME Scribes in 2013. It was called MY COMFY COUCH then.

These writings were a series of poems that were in part based on and inspired by the individually photographed images of the lovely nude models that you will find included with each track if you click on them. I found them on Pinterest and decided that they would be be great writing prompts which I grouped under the heading MY COMFY COUCH.

Each of these lovely ladies is laid out... or seated on very comfortable looking plush couches in their photo shoots. They were given names first by me. The poems came later... each one in its own time... only when the inspiration hit me... and I was able to write. Names like RED VELVET TAKE, PURPLE PASSION and THE MUSE OF ROYAL BLUE were names I came up with for them.

I had no foreknowledge that a series of audio recordings would come of this and even once I decided to record them 2 years later after having begun this project I ALL so had no idea what they might sound like. I had earlier in 2014 begun to try my hand at recording myself A capella and then finally began to dabble with what little I knew about digital audio production and some of my experience as a musician and songwriter in my younger days.

I used other peoples tracks and other people's music to try to create a musical environment in which my written words might come alive in... in sound. I tried to vary the sounds I used... and the tracks I borrowed or remixed or otherwise made and the result you hear here. Have a seat, stay for a while... get comfortable... curl up on MY FAVORITE COMFY COUCH and enjoy the mood I hopefully created for you.


released March 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Pantherion Prime Riverside, California

Pantherion Prime is a pen name of mine...

it is an dentity... a personality that I use to scribe...
and describe the spiritually erotic notions and annotations
of my works in esotericeand rotic poetry.

I AM a multi-disciplinary artist who creates through sculptures through
poetry and music that could... and would reflect
the very essence of me... as a matriarchal man.
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Track Name: MY FAVORITE COMFY CHAIR (My Comfy Couch)

without a doubt
my comfy couch...
my... heavenly sent for you
to scent this seat
this place now meant for
me... and you... in our
time spent hanging out together
around for hours in the sacred
lair of... that be... what it be
of my holy refuge
the Den of Pandera is... that place
I use... my darling... that
ground of play... for me
and with you... it is that safe space
for only us... to thus be here kept
to sleep... a place to feed our hearts
be in this... my mighty fortress
it was built for you to be in
my dearest love... the goddess
or else... it is but for me
alone... the sweetest... solitude.
this... domicile... where the
only rent is spent at the expenditure
of my deepest gratitude.

a taste of nesting
and nestling
wherewith I take my breaks
wherewithal... naked you... and naked me
can hide away... in deeper moods
and motions free... yes
my comfy couch...without a doubt
we couched so... secretly you see
we be... in my... own... little personal paradise
please pardon me... if I just want to
stare at you... for yet a while
but my aware of you...
in the garden of... your pubis there
your beauty here
thus hidden where no pierce of them
nor dream of them can be
reached nor breached
by the prying eyes of public view.

that world of words taken
where... this faith of me resides...
your world inside my ears... til I
left my dear... to float here
in a trance... I situated in an
everlasting shift... of disposition... I
listening to your body... and
I visioning your pour of spirit
you calling me... with everything
near it exposed
to look upon... to long... to touch...
to here taste... to see...before
I ever do.

you so... well composed
love's swelling in my sense of it...
the very idea of it
the rise of me
the eyes of me now that spy
the lie down of you... upon...
the oh my my... of me... the oh my my of
of I with... eyes on you.

you know... you the one
that comes in her assorted colors
the hues of skin... of she
the one of whom is sung
the muse of... royal blue... you
she who be... the mistress of
perpetually stripped naked
the perception of... this spread...
of red velvet take... without a doubt
on my comfy couch...

and yes... you be she... who be
to me... the dispersion of purple passion
as well as the... incurring of... the
patterns of these... upholstered fabrics
furnished as... the burn of... copper and brass
the magnetic pass of me
by you... seated as my couching tigress
my ingress upon you... a bless no less
upon you... as I have told you

oh how the mouth of me is so filled... with thee
the extent of my addendum
not one the least of them
so central for me... to breathe of me
this conversation piece
my pen expressed in what such... is lust
ALL ways... in me... again and again see
I try so hard to describe
how I so... smitten in... my everyday
and in my every night... the very length of
every month and year
yes smitten... with the beautiful being of you.

I so crazy 'bout my baby
I so elated by... the instooling of
her royal highness and your majesty
set in... her proper... seat.
yea! the queendom
of my kitten cum... it is you,,, who seem to
run things baby.
here lately it is ever you in
these hazy lines of mine
I to recite them by my... writes of you.
and it is right there... it is right there... that I dare
to lyrically kiss you... for ALL aught...
I to... verbally lick... you too.
for... see
without a doubt... you the the ninth art of the
supernal word
that hot pot of... a potty mouth
you a naughty girl
your seethe through teeth and lips
uncovered 'pon... the lovely cushions
of... my favorite... comfy couch.

Pantherion Speaks through PRIME Scribes © 2014

haven't you heard?
tonight... dessert's for dinner!
the desire of a good boy
and I think that I... so deserve her
and without a blink... I want to... serve her up!

she... to me... the swelling vision
of a lovely take!
the very make
of the provisions of
the existential mind... imaginative.

I lost in the
kisses of her sweet icing
she to me of... thinly cut
a slice of cake.

just a little tiny taste
of laid lately... on this
comfy couch of mine...
laid flavorfully indeed
in red velvet.

and my tongue to lie
if I said... it not tied
I want feel her so lazily
laying within my mouth
once come the
better provisions of
her visually satisfying taste.

the natural fact of she
that feeds this...
ravenous need in me... this
insatiable hunger in
the depths of me
be for the dine of me
with wine upon this...
sweet child of mine.

I so not... resigned in the
emphatic reply of me
I so enthusiastic to thus
then greet
then eat...
and feast upon... her sensuous.

she the impart of these
the mostly moist
viably crimson parts of me... the
bleeds that come
once she
so deeply touches with
what so tempts me thus.

she the more than
an insatiable breathe
unshakable be of this
natural high
so fly
that I... feel in every
degree... of no filter
on my freaky.

the flux of the
pounding of my heart
in the artful soul
of ALL her whole
from luscious busts... to
curl of toes
the... deluxe and exquisite in this
deliciousness I see.

and she... is the very gratify
and pacify
of the me oh my... of
me-myself-and I.
we three
each beside ourselves
as we indulge our selves
in the flagrant defy... of why I
think to never tell us to deny
the never pry of
this here reply from
possibility of my malignant
in the sweet tooth of this ink.

and she to me... this need
to touch... such flesh.
the salivation of the lustful me
so... devilish
my impishness
to drip on her lips
such liquid with
bursts and
crusts... of sugar.

she so embellished in
these portly lines of mine.
the design of me to... stick this
tip of forked tongue
into the hot cinnamon flesh... of shorty slim

my words to explore
every manner of
such sins
the brush to... lick
and stroke
thick of her.

the bush of
afro picked
'pon the glossed
and slicked surface
of her... oily sheen
the ALL ready... predatory
think of me
for me to
sink in... pores... of skin
so soft to me

so tonight... dessert's for dinner!
the desire of a good boy
and I think that I... so deserve her
want to... serve her up!

she... to me... the swelling vision
of a lovely take!
the very make
of the provisions of
the existential mind imaginative

I lost in the
kisses of her sweet icing
she to me of... thinly cut
a slice of cake.

just a little tiny taste
of laid lately... on this
comfy couch of mine...
laid flavorfully indeed
in this red velvet.... take.

Pantherion Speaks​ from PRIME Scribes​ © 2013

purple... strangely is not just one
but an array... of a range of... different hues

an arranged combination
of fused colors

a natural occurrence between
the mix... of two of the primaries colors
of red... and blue.

and it is as... deep... a shade of rich
as it is... as such... situated betwixt the

lightest and darkest pitches of crimson
and of violet.... and maroon!

baby's phat! she too is rich
and it doesn't take an advanced degree
for me... to clearly see this!

no... we don't no need rocket science.
for we can plainly see

the compliance of the... purple passion of
she that on these... shiny sheets of... fabric be

these tiny bits of magick... the prefect of this...
her perfectly pictured description

the reminiscence of high
cheek bones and tiny hands

the very definition of
sweet lips to kiss for me

and ALL so of what is called so...
deeply intellectually... yes she's

sexxxy... indeed... in deed.

and she a... soft pillowette of
lust filled words and images...

the prints in flush-filled pink
of the poetic pen... the Prime

in the ink and such of I... so
inspired to write my lust for her.

indeed the why of it that be I
so... fired up in me... and I excited by

my own desire you... for you...
for you this purple girl...

and though I admit
I want her sex

there are other things
I want from her purple world... yes you...
and more so too

and yet I just so beguiled by this
the lovely of that smile of hers... her

flex of fingers the grooved style of her
crimped and... kinky hair... right there!

in the natural curl of her
you see she speaks... without a word to me

but with but a
gesture of her hand

she the expand to open fan
and even her point of toes

have a language ALL their own
you see this... mood moving

in my... following of the camera... a chimera...
such a womanly... and fabulous beast

the reach... of what... my mind's eye sees

that shutter of light speed by the flutter by
of my selective focus here applied.

my quick time then... thus slowed
and set... to low by very need of me...

at the every sight of she
allowed to by me to be taken in

I like a roll of film
so temptingly over exposed

and I must stop myself
if... for but a moment

just to capture this... utterly
picture perfect... of her thick

the raise of arched eyebrow
on the horizon of a

lit up rainbow sky the divide
of I now... stretched so high

where I lie above... the other ones
the shadowed colors of her... batting lashes

the flatter of hips and thighs that catch
my sighs with she in a lay... of an intimate way.

and she so meant... to be laid by me...
the sway... in a gaze of

lazy eyed lovers exchange
we two... these souls... so lovely

the look that lives... between us
the parting of the earth with seed

and the planting of these
flowery... forevers of so... slinkily posed

and as... so it is... so... mote it be
that those words composed

in the half crazy mind of me... that see
that indeed it is... she that is

this... purple passion's fabric
in the tender bleed of touch of me.

so delicate... and so true...
so true... this fact that

purple strangely is not just one color
but an array of a... range of different hues.

Pantherion Speaks from PRIME Scribes © 2013

the muse of royal blue
a queen
a dream cum true... cum up as if...
a dream it seems that
you were... out of the blue.
the muse of royal blue.
the muse of royal blue.

she is that which rings
she is... she who sings
with such musings.
the muse of royal blue
so loyal... so real... surreal
yes... so truly.... true.
the muse of royal blue.

so true to her nature and yes
so... beautifully
and so... tastefully
so true... to her lovely herself.
the muse of royal blue.
the muse of royal blue.

a waist that.... whiles away
a smile that stays that way
in the best of times
the worst of times
a way that says... she is
a daughter of Indus Kush.

and despite the bitter things she has
been through... despite this
she indeed this... sweet gush
perfumed with the scent of
myrrh and... frankincense

couched upon the cushions
of... my velvet azure...
and she is pure allure
the muse of royal blue.
the muse of royal blue.

with the ebon measure of her
she is a pleasure to her lover
her people... and even her king

a national treasure
lacking nothing... nothing to match
with that which what is
just what her presence brings
the render of onyx stone
to liquid from indigo ink
so much more than a little trinket
adored as a tinkling thing
she the muse of royal blue
the muse of royal blue
the muse of royal blue
the muse of royal blue

she with... skin tinted bronze
like brass... ALL legs... and arms and ass
and eggs
a delightful see
the lackadaisical lay of Aphrodite
but the play... of Maitre Urzulie

yes! such a serious plaything!
something... someone... some what...
so sumptuous
yet nothing and no one to be played with.
nor played down... so easily.
see she... the muse of... royal blue.
the muse of royal blue.
the muse of royal blue.

and even as... the slink of she
each inch of her... duly measured by me
her swivel of hips
her pout of lips
the width of her breadth
her depth... her intelligence

indelibly these the reasons
she the muse
of me... to lounge with me
and me... alone... her throne
upon my... comfy couch
the hue of lapis lazuli.

the leave of
the scent of she
the smell of... sweet almond
and of lotus leaf
the swelling of the powerful seat
of she... that be... the
the muse.... of royal blue.
the muse of royal blue.
the muse of royal blue.
the muse of... royal... blue

Pantherion Prime from PRIME Scribes © 2013

the couching tigress
an unusual animal indeed!
the rarest breed she
who couches 'pon
the topmost be
of the fabric of my...
comfy couch...

the convenience of a...
a strong back covered by
an animal skin... she...
more than just a vision but ALL so a
disposition of hued browns
her way the system of
a down of... mahogany earth
flattered by the discourse... of beige.

no doubt she is the most
lustful page of my erotika
I a trustful slave to her hypnotica
the fav of ALL my anima
the blazing glory of a
perfect picture... of pure... copper allure.

her very tone an allure
to listen to... beneath the
rhythmic drum
a story told in the intimate
sentiments of me my self
lost in the
lusty thoughts of her.

she the abide of why I
try so hard... to live here
with my lovely ALL alone... the... golden thing
of this my inner sing
the alloy
of my sense aware...

with flared nostrils
she... staring as she ALL ways does
her gaze of ALL ways hungry
a blaze of glory
for what?
for that
to love me!

my couching tigress
the sit of my
big cat... she my kitten
the pudenda dendata
my little pussy given
with claws and teeth.

her paws this
reason to pause in
the eyes of the tigress
hers... this hazy way
that's got the
eye of me... ALL smitten.

my couching tigress.
she ALL ways looking into
the through of me as if
she about
to just lunge forward
and lick me
with her tongue...

my couching tigress.
she ALL ways looking into
the through of me as if
she just about
to lunge forward
and lick me.

my couching tigress.
she ALL ways looking into
the through of me as if
she just about
to lunge forward...
and lick me.

Pantherion Speaks​ from PRIME Scribes​ © 2013