by Aphro Ingenue

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This album is a commemorative collector's item that displays the artistry of the poet known as Aphro Ingenue in conjunction with her scheduled appearance on Pantherion Speaks Radio, November 21, 2014


released November 21, 2014

ALL vocals done by Aphro Ingenue, digital music arrangement by Pantherion Prime for Pantherion Speaks Radio produced by PRIME TIME PRODUCTIONS



all rights reserved


Pantherion Prime Riverside, California

Pantherion Prime is a pen name of mine...

it is an dentity... a personality that I use to scribe...
and describe the spiritually erotic notions and annotations
of my works in esotericeand rotic poetry.

I AM a multi-disciplinary artist who creates through sculptures through
poetry and music that could... and would reflect
the very essence of me... as a matriarchal man.
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Summoning my company
Was more than basic sex to me
No bewitching you
The nearness of you
As we took
Our time
Your orders
Stained as a design
Down my spine
T'was a pleasure in listening
Between each pause
Koru-Chan's jet orbs glistening
Hearing your story's life line
Between slurpy sips
Of sweet plum wine
You came here
To be an exalted, significant Man
I met you here
To express that, how you want, you can
You were tired
Of bitter bark and salty sea
I offered you
Solace sitting across from me
Your thick thumb
I can still feel smudging
The painted pout from my lips
Your deft hands
I still feel the sudden chill
As Obi taut fell from my hips
Your voice
I still hear affirming all
That we had mutually agreed upon
Your breaths
I smelling slivers of ginger
As you directed - Lay upon this futon
There on the cushioned floor
You taught me the strings 13
And I taught you the bow's beauty
Plucking, sliding, clutching
Cupping, hissing, blushing
Begging, soothing, touching
Precision and succession
Prediction and submission
Penetration and seduction
But sadly
All sunsets turn to sunrises
Do remember fluttering
Of eyelids and paper fans
Do remember time travels
To other cultures, other lands
Do remember the calls of gales
Moaning bliss at midnight
Do remember rhapsody
Incense scented, holding you so tight
Do remember it all
Long after the descent
Back down that mundane hill
Remember this plane
Where no one else ever loved you
Like I
And no one else ever will

© lilbabysoul/Aphro Ingenuity '14
Track Name: LET ME (S)HAVE YOU
Let Me (S)have You

Working so hard each day
Juggling Life,
Even fighting urges
To sometimes water gardens
Seemingly greener
When the periodic seems patchy
I beam deeply inside
Mouthing gratitude to the Heavens
For your heart's empty setting
That saw me as the exquisite stone
And the perfect mounting
Observing you put you aside
Ignoring warnings inside
Tensions surface and bubble
Tell-tale sign?
Face smooth erupts with stubble
What can I do to relax you?
To convey that I see very well
All that taxes you
Come sit in this big chair
Show you that I'm aware
Raking digital midnight lacquered love
Through your lightly peppered hair

Let me (s)have you

Smile with my smile so toothy
As I, in sooth, see
All that you mean to We
Let me (s)have you
Unwind with this towel wet
Drop your shoulders and let
Let me (s)have you
Chuckle from suds so soapy
Allow your moat to be
A field filled with my Anemone
Let me (s)have you
Tilt your head back
Into a star's embrace pitch black
Inhale the smell of me
Nod to music pillowy
Cupping you in the key of G
Let me (s)have you
I'll make clean strokes
Your image held is no joke
Give me trust as you unfurl
Guarding against nicking
The face you show the world
Let me (s)have you
Bring yourself down
Regain your calm composure
Dab you dry of the process
And extra moisture
My sealing kiss peppermint
Drawing out hidden pain
Every hardship throb
In it contained

You let me (s)have you...

Each pull and drag
Each tandem sigh
So glad you protect
This is what you've been

We'll grab a mirror
To gaze at what I've done
All better, Sweet One
My God's Earth Sun
A subtle, simple gift to you
For the all you always do
Right here is your retreat
Happiness is you with me

© lilbabysoul/Aphro Ingenuity '14
Beau Flexion

As I observe activity turn
To silence
I softly laugh inside knowing
Tis not your first time.
Not my first time
Since our blessed inception
Filled with curious eyes
Brave queries which
Happened in your Eternal Summer
A few moon's coronas ago
I watch your life
As you stealthily reveal We
As a note, a line
A word, a rhyme
Or an entire not-so cryptic subject for
Two reasons:
Because you WANT to
Because you NEED to
Because I took my ample sample
To FEED you
How you flatter me
How you shatter the
Guilt and opaqueness inside me
Every time you leave perfumed
Spittle mist
For me to walk through
Each time we love it brings me
Great, unspeakable joy
That you would share
Even if among a few
That you would sincerely care
To capture pristine moments
Of mutual suspension
In animation
Freed from judgement's lash
And apprehension's past

Oh, Beau....
How I RIGHTLY love you so

© lilbabysoul/Aphro Ingenuity '14
Track Name: I DESERVE
I Deserve

I want that man all about me...
As if he were both sentry and thief. Clad in battle-ready raiment and snarling teeth.
I want him to steal yet keep vigil over every part of me.
The pebbled, rainy wall-to-wall of me.
The sordid yet sacred flambé hot of me.
The ripe, ready bounty of me.

Because I deserve my Daddie.
I deserve my Daddie because I'm sweet.
And I, ravenous..want something to eat.

I wish to call out to my to-be-Love. To let him know, wherever he is in below or above, that I smell him.
I smell him and I wish to be inebriated by him.
To convey this in the prose and ode. By the ticklish nibble on both lobes.
And with every heavy truck load.

Because I deserve my Daddie.
I deserve my Daddie because I'm sweet.
And I, ravenous...want something to eat.

For serious, in my sorbet bowl, I stirs it well.
Smiling, in the dusk, conjuring love spells.
I want all it's glory AND damnation!!
Raising glory or hell, I must have elation!
Right now, spare me your finger-wagging judgement about what condition I should be in.
Just bring me those stacked centimeters; let me deal with my own sin.

Because I deserve my Daddie.
I deserve my Daddie because I'm sweet.
And I, ravenous...want something to eat.

Ask me questions I've denied answering for so long.
Make me buttery from the churn so deep and strong.
Command Pollyanna to strip bare as you stare.
Free my freak without shame and care.
We can have this moment openly or you don't have to share.

Because I deserve my Daddie.
I deserve my Daddie because I'm sweet.
And I, ravenous...want something to eat.

© lilbabysoul/Aphro Ingenuity '14
Track Name: DOUBLE E
Double E

I keep waiting for someone to call
With laughter and remorse
In their voice
To tell me I'd been pranked
And to expect a chime at the door in
But I know having Favor
Does not include ever
Seeing him
Seeing her
Seeing them
Six sets of eyes darting in wonderment
Over the Love inside he
That incited him to choose she
That eventually made me
In this realm again
I won't get that call
Because they within months
Of each other
Answered their calls
To shed flesh
And receive the keys to their homes
In the Infinite
They weren't perfect but
They together and alone
Obeyed the greatest commandment
And that was to Love
They are why I believe in Love
Why I refuse to pay mind to anything
Or anyone that is
Not about Love
Why I approach every angle of Life
Clad in the full armor of
Ready to knuckle up for Love
And if I should go down for Love?
Taken down by imps and simps
That know the glory but
Wanting me to stifle about their ploy
To destroy the power of Love?
I'll fall on my face as if I were in prayer
I'll do it smiling
Drawing my last breath...for Love
Because that's what they did
It's how they made it
Being Humans in this world
They weren't hateful
And why I don't want to be
I shall never forget being Chuleta
Their doe-eyed baby girl
The manifestation of
Patois, cane, canals
Flowing polleras
Jam-Pan essence and Afro curls
I can't forget them
Because everytime I look in
Truth's mirror
I see Fight
I see Submission
I see Struggle
I see the need to Educate
For Heaven or even Hell's sake
I see Family
I see 1 plus 1 equaling Eternity
I see a bow-legged Man
I see a scrawny young Miss
I see vows on a November day
I see their First Kiss
I see the American Dream
I see the Scum and the Cream
I see hair turning from black to Gray
I saw them here then *poof*
Gone away
I see it all, doncha know
See it all from burgundy cropped hair
To dainty ringed toe
I see Evan
I see Eve
I see Love Courageous and I am comforted
Because I see

© lilbabysoul/Aphro Ingenuity '14
Track Name: THE 1st TIME (Ever I Saw My Face)
The First Time

"The first time, ever I saw my face..."
The first time ever
I saw my face I remember it
Being a reflection in my mother's eyes
Giving thanks for the miracle
Lent to her after years and tears
In trying
I represented newness then
I was to be only limited then
By what limited them
Which, looking back,
Was nothing
"I felt the Sun rise in my eyes..."
The first time ever
I saw my face it was in a mirror
As a 10 year old
Overnight, change came
Taking me across bridges
Over into Womanhood
A place where I could not only be
A speaker of Life
But a co-creator of Life
Signed with a deal of lunar blood
"The first time ever I felt a kiss on my mouth..."
The first time ever
I saw my face I was dripping in white
About to make plans to love
To stay to say yes everyday
But it's funny how fairy tales
Can abruptly end
When coaches and such
Are greased up and stained
By the slick
The infamous Tar Baby
"I felt the Earth move in my hand..."
The first time ever
I saw my face I was crossing
The Mason-Dixon Line
A new chapter, a new life
Ready to break Richter scales
Simply by tip-toeing
On morning time
Bending blades of grass
That was my own
Everywhere I went
"The first time ever I laid with you..."
The first time ever
I saw my face I became a Mother
Having come back from dark
And no stars
This gift meant to remind me
Of spiritual pursuit and promises everlasting
That my kind would never die
The reality of it all still hasn't sunken in
God's grace too big to box in
Let Your mercy fly
"I felt your heart so close to mine..."
The first time ever
I saw my face I was Soft
For me to ever forget all
That we meant
Every possible malady
Would have to converge on me
Wiping me magnetically clean
So I couldn't for the life of me
Recall the 'So Good' for once
On land, in sky, on soul's sea
"The first time ever I saw my face..."
The first time ever
I saw my face was RIGHT NOW
Because I could plan for tomorrow
But all I have is this moment
A moment, for what it's worth
Is glorious
So I'll not regret with gnashed teeth
Any past faces or places
Because it's all worth it
I was built to behold my face
I'm gonna make an excellent read one day
Even if it's only read
In celebration over my dead body

"The first time ever I saw my face...My face...My Face...MY FACE..."

© lilbabysoul/Aphro Ingenuity '14