TESTIFY (Can I Get A Witness​?​)

by Pantherion Prime

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Instrumentail from Lauren Hill's THE SWEET STICKY THING. Poetry by Pantherion Prime, PRIME Scribes, Pantherion Speaks through PRIME Scribes @1872.



I wonder...
can I get a witness?
can I get a witness?
can I get a witness?

if you have ever... deeply
loved somebody
then testify! testify!
bear sacred witness... to the holy wetness
to the bare essence of
spirit breathed in through kneaded skin
the beginng and the end
of the how.. the when...and why
in the touching of
matters of such things as this
between us... mmh! I wonder...
can I get a witness?
can I get a witness?
can I get a witness?

no need... a plunge of tongue
to the tear asunder
of a kiss.
in matters of bliss.
the real deal of why... we hardly shy
with one another... so
if you have ever had such lust
for somebody.
mmh! if you've ever known such a lover
denying nothing of it... in the face
of... ALL others
then I bid you... testify.
I bid you testify... I bid you testify
I wonder....
I wonder....
can I get a witness?
can I get a witness?
can I get a witness?

naw... you don't have to say... anything...
just... wave your hand
if you understand me
let me then... bear witness
let me then... testify... to the
good, good... goodness of you
the goddess in you
to the dark heart of you
the root of your earth... the birth of my rod
that way which you my True... so
frighteningly defy these things with me
this.. flight of space...
and gravity... and even time
that makes me see me... as the god in you
you my chosen deity. hmmh!
I don't want to offend nobody
sounding so... seemingly sacrilegious
just like I... told you before... you are who
my True Religion is
ALL ways been you.

so... if ever you've had... such connection
with a woman or a man
that relies like this... not on the
face of circumstance...
then I bid you... testify.... testify... testify...
I wonder
can I get a witness? hmh,
I wonder
can I get a witness?

Pantherion Speaks through PRIME Scribes @1872


released November 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Pantherion Prime Riverside, California

Pantherion Prime is a pen name of mine...

it is an dentity... a personality that I use to scribe...
and describe the spiritually erotic notions and annotations
of my works in esotericeand rotic poetry.

I AM a multi-disciplinary artist who creates through sculptures through
poetry and music that could... and would reflect
the very essence of me... as a matriarchal man.
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